Creative Response to Loneliness – Programme Overview

The Creative Response to Loneliness programme is Transported’s initiative to combat the feelings of loneliness and isolation that the pandemic has brought through creative activity. 

The programme has been funded by Arts Council England to provide immediate, targeted relief through creative and cultural activity to those most at risk of loneliness as a result of Covid-19

All of the projects are catered to the residents of Boston and South Holland and all of the projects are free to participants. Below you can find brief descriptions of each project and links to find out how to get involved! 

more-than-a-part II

An extension of our CREATE-on project more-than-a-part, Boston residents have been invited to share their story of lockdown – the highs, the lows, the challenges and examples of what they are grateful.

The submitted stories are then turned into artworks that will be displayed in windows around the town – uniting the community.

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Quirky Little Things

Learn some creative, mixed media drawing techniques to record the ups, downs and sideways life of parenting small children.

The project is aimed at parents/guardians of children between 0-3 years of age and is suitable for all abilities. Sessions will be delivered remotely and are designed to fit in during your sightly quieter moments!

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Community Clay

Make a clay tile with using a free kit! 

You do not need to be artistic or have used or played with clay before.

You can ask anyone to help you if you want to. We will support you with simple ideas and techniques and zoom demonstrations.

You will be provided with a free kit which will contain all you need to construct the tile. Then it is down to you what you want to add to the tile to reflect your experience. 

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Drawing on the Domestic

This project for South Holland residents, ‘Drawing on the Domestic’ participants will receive an activity box containing all of the materials you need in order to undertake five creative tasks.

These tasks may be undertaken daily, or all at the same time, it’s up to you!

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Project Pen Pal

Making Up Your Street sent a creative package including a letter-writing kit and activities to complete.

Once finished, the letters and creative makes will be sent to another member of Project Pen Pal forming a creative pen pal for the project.

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Fish Tales

We asked Boston residents to send us designs of fish using our template.

The designs will be used to create clay fish tiles.

These fish will be then form part of the decorations of one the Boston Buoys sculptures.

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