Fish Tales

This project is a part of the Boston Buoys sculpture trail and a part of our Creative Response to Loneliness Programme.

 The Boston Buoys are six amazing new up-cycled marine buoy art installations which will be installed later this year by Transported –the Creative People and Place programme for Boston and South Holland. 

Artist Carrie Reichardt is creating mosaics for two of the buoys, inspired by the mermaids from Boston’s historic coat of arms and the motto ‘By Sea and by Land’. The ‘By Sea’ buoy will feature fish designs by local people and school pupils, alongside other marine images, stories from the Boston Standard and photographs and quotes from archives in the area. 

We would like you to make designs for a series of fish, one of which will be chosen and will be made into a special transfer (like a temporary tattoo) that will be fired onto a clay fish and incorporated into a new piece of public art.

They will be placed into the borders for the mosaics on the ‘By Sea’ buoy.

This is your chance to make a little piece of public art that will become part of a much larger artwork that will be in Boston for many years to come.

What to do next:

•Print off the Fish Template onto A4 paper

•Colour in your designs –you can use anything to make your design including pencil, pens, paint, collage, print!

•Just do your design in the white area of the fish

•Be as imaginative and creative as you like!

•Complete the Survey Form

•Scan or photograph your designs and email them along with the Survey Form to

•Make sure you send us your name and email, so we can invite you to the project launch!

•Please email us if you need this information in any other format or want a printed copy of the template and form

Find the full instructions here and the Fish Template to download here.